Therapy At Play

Logo, Brand Identity, Website Design & Build, Marketing & Collateral

September 2022

Therapy at Play is a play therapy clinic that helps children with a variety of needs, from social and emotional challenges to behavioural and neurological disorders. We worked with the founder, Alex Searles, to create a brand and digital experience that that would simultaneously engage young children and build trust with their parents or guardians.

One of the unique characteristics of the Therapy at Play project is the use of animation. Throughout the site and supporting assets animations bring the illustrations to life. This was a vital element of the brand to be not only engaging for children, but to also help to explain the concepts of play therapy to parents and guardians in a memorable and accessible way.

"I'm so impressed by how Studio-Barrie captured the complex nature of our work, in such a playful way! We get compliments daily on our branding, and it has been the single biggest driver of new clients since we launched. Thank you so much Matilda - we are utterly obsessed!"

- Alex Searles, Founder & Therapist
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