At Studio-Barrie,
we do things differently.

We don't mess around. Our process is all about cutting out the fluff and getting right to the core of your brand.

STUDIO-BARRIE was started, because too often the process of building your website, logo and visual identity, ends up dragging on for months and months, when it should of been a creative, inspiring, and ultimately a quick process.

We start by deep diving into what your business does, what it stands for, and who your audience is. From there we develop a Brand Summary document that outlines your brand pillars uncovered in the discovery process. These become the cornerstone of your business and subsequent brand. Our clients rave about our ability to uncover and articulate the uniqueness of their business in a way they have never been able to capture themselves.

We're pretty proud of this piece of the pie - because once you have your brand pillars, everything else just falls into place!


Matilda Barrie,

Founder and

Creative Director.

Meet Matilda Barrie, Founder and Creative Director.

Matilda founded STUDIO-BARRIE in 2020, out of the desire to offer people effortless, beautiful, yet affordable design in the wake of the mass digital migration sparked by Covid.

After more than a decade of experience as a freelance designer, Matilda has developed a keen understanding of how to build beautiful, iconic, timeless brands, through an efficient and budget friendly process.

Due to her curiosity and experience studying the patterns of human behaviour, Studio-Barrie's work is rooted in a deep understanding of the delicate relationship between form and function in producing captivating digital experiences.


"Studio-Barrie are not your average creative studio. They not only bring your brand story and proposition to life, they dig deep to understand and capture the true essence of your brand, your company DNA and the clients you serve.

They help you create an original voice, in a crowded market place of “me too's”. If you want your story told properly and with heart then you couldn’t make a better investment than in Studio-Barrie."

Anna Ramondetta – Director & Founder of Luminus League and AlumniXX

The Studio-Barrie

Design Fundamentals.

The Studio- Barrie Design Fundamental's.

Designed for Humans.

We build digital experiences from a basis of empathy and insight into the human beings that will interact with it.

For us, the question is not "what do we want to tell our audience?" It's "What do our audience need from us?". This unique distinction is what sets us apart from traditional agencies.

When it comes to websites, we develop the layout by mapping pathways throughout the site based on how you want your audience to engage with your digital space - helping us create incredibly engaging, easy to use, and high converting websites.

Less Is More.

We're design purest's when it comes to the principals of minimalism in both our visual styling cues, as well as how we construct digital experiences. Keeping things sleek, simple, direct and no-fluff means we can create more powerful, more impactful, and more seamless brand experiences.

You have around 15 seconds to engage someone on your website. You have 12 instagram tiles to gain a follow. You have a 9x5cm piece of card to convince someone to call you.

We can show you how to create more impact in 2 sentences/1 image/1 icon - than what you thought you needed 10 paragraphs to do. Trust us on this - less, is more.

Functionality is Beauty.

The ultimate outcome for any branding project, is a website, content collection or visual identity that does its job - and does it well.

Understanding the overall architecture of what we're building is the basis of our development process. We build all of our websites from scratch, so we can make sure everything from the base foundation, all the way to the details right at the surface, are there for a reason and make sense in the overall structure.

A great brand experience is one that is unique, and even surprising at times, yet infinitely effortless and impeccably thought out.