Tessa Hawthorn Creative

Branding, Logo Design, Web design and build, Custom Iconography

February, 2022

Tessa Hawthorn is a copywriter and content strategist with deep industry knowledge of tech, startups, podcasting and design who crafts words to elevate your brand. She engaged Studio-Barrie to create her a dynamic and memorable brand and website, that showcased her writing in a visually stimulating way.

We developed a logo, multiple secondary logo's and logo-mark, designed a custom suite of icons, and built her website from scratch utalising the dynamic nature of the Webflow platform.

“I recommend Studio Barrie to anyone who will listen. The design has elevated my brand. The calibre of my clients has lifted and I feel more able to charge what I'm worth, with a beautiful brand behind me.”

Tessa Hawthorn, Founder
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