Branding, Logo Design, Website Design and Build

May 2021

MAMAM is a Urban Street Art Management agency, connecting professional urban artists with businesses wanting to elevate their spaces with street art. The MAMAM team approached Studio-Barrie to design and develop a contemporary, bold yet neutral brand identity and website to help them communicate to their key commercial clients their service and showcase their artists.

We worked with the team over a 2 month period to develop a Logo, full spectrum visual brand, design and develop their website, and create a social media strategy covering both their visuals and content pillars. The outcome is a monochromatic, bold, spacious visual identity that reflects their minimalistic and direct approach.

‍"The end result from Studio-Barrie has been priceless. Everything operates well, it ticks all of the boxes, we always get compliments when new clients are looking over the website, and we are still yet to find one thing on the website we are not happy with.

I had mapped out in my head how the business was going to run and what its true purpose was, and all I needed was that perfect team of professionals willing to dive deep into it all with me and bring it together. And that is exactly what the Studio-Barrie team did. "

Mark Aidone – Founder & Director
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