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We design really

great Websites.

We design really great Websites.

We've developed a design process that is as stream-line as our websites are. Our process is efficient, easy for our clients, and produces high-quality and captivating websites without months and months of back and forth.

When we build websites, we build them with your end user at the forefront of every single decision. Understanding their needs, what they are on the site to do, and how we can keep them engaged with the site until their mission is complete, is pivotal to the overall success of your business in the digital space.

We build repsonsive, high-quality, timeless websites on the Webflow platform, and we train you and your team in the super easy ongoing management of the site.

  • Beautiful Visual Design
  • Optimised User Experience
  • Easy Content Management System
  • Engaging Animation & Interactions
  • Built using Webflow

We work with a range of budgets and tailor a web design and development package specifically suited to your needs.

Please get in contact for a specific quote for your project.

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Let us help with

your Social Media.

Let us help you with your Social Media.

Social media is one of the fastest growing, and most vital business tools in today's world. And it's actually pretty easy, once you've got a formula that's right for your business.

We can help put together the building blocks for you to create a powerful and stunning social media presence. From graphics, to on-brand ideas and prompts, we train you in how to continue to generate, collect or curate content that accurately reflects your brand, so you don't have to pay a social media manager millions to do it for you!

We can develop your Social Media Strategy and provide you with a comprehensive strategic document outlining your content pillars, visual styling cues, caption and written copy prompts; all specifically designed for your brand.

  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Original Brand Content Creation
  • Content Calendar
  • Articulation of Content Pillars
  • Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

We work with budgets starting from -

$500 - $2000
Social Media Strategy development

$200 - $1000
Visual content calendar & supply of visual assets

$1000 +
Development, and on going support of social media content across channels of your choice

Please get in contact for a specific quote for your project. All costs excluding GST.

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Behind every amazing

business, there is a

fabulous Logo & Brand.

Behind every amazing business, there is a fabulous Logo & Brand.

One of the most important parts of a memorable and iconic brand, is having a visual identity and logo that clearly reflects your business.

Our branding process is what makes Studio-Barrie unique. We take the philosophy of Human Centered Design and apply it to your brand, by looking at your business from the inside out.

Our branding & logo design process includes a brand sprint, multiple visual concepts, feedback and collaborative refinement. We deliver a fabulous logo that truly represents your brand, a style guide to help you continue to produce collateral aligned to your visual identity, and any extras you'd like, like business cards or letter heads, or even a bumper sticker if that's what you're after!

  • Brand Discovery Process & Summary Document
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity Development
  • All assets - logo files, font files, colour codes etc.

We work with a range of budgets and tailor a branding package specifically suited to your needs.

Please get in contact for a specific quote for your project.

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"Studio-Barrie is one of the best up and coming agencies in Australia.

Creative Director, Matilda Barrie, is a new breed of designer that incorporates an unparalleled understanding of human emotions and behaviour into every element of what the agency produces.

Their creative outputs are fresh, innovative, and have that wow factor. It seems there’s no space where Studio-Barrie doesn’t thrive, creatively and strategically."

- The Australian Business Journal, "Top 20 Australian Personal Branding Experts"

Our process for building

incredible brands

& experiences.

Our process for building incredible brands & experiences.

Step One
Discovery Session

We take you through our exclusive Discovery Workshop, developed by brand facilitator and founder, Matilda Barrie, to uncover a new understanding of what your business does, and how best to communicate it.

Step Two

Based on our discovery session, we put together multiple visual concepts for your new logo, branding or website. We will then take on board your thoughts, feedback, and refine your choosen concept.

Step Three

This is where we take the concept, and turn it into a reality! Whether it's building your website, or producing your logo and brand guidelines, we will spend 1-2weeks bringing your concept to life! We will work with you on any final feedback, before we are ready to launch.

Step Four
Delivery, Training and Support

Once your product is ready to launch, we will train your team on how to manage your site, update your content, or use your logo and branding. We offer 2 months of free support to make sure you feel confident and capable in managing your new assets.